We have recently been dealing with more and more computer issues that could have been avoided by simple preventative maintenance. As a result, we have introduced a new service to carry out routine PC health checks to help stop these problems from happening and to keep machines running as smoothly as possible. We offer two levels of service as detailed below.

The Basic Health Check - £25.00, includes:

+ Adware and spyware scan.
+ Check basic operating system settings.
+ Removal of all unnecessary and temporary files.
+ Checking of anti-virus software (ensuring you have the latest updates etc.)

The Full System Service and Optimisation - £40.00, which in addition to all items from the Basic Health Check also includes:

+ Removal of the system case and checking of cooling fans.
+ Cleaning of processor fans and heatsinks.
+ Optimisation of boot-up and system settings.
+ Installation of operating system updates.
+ Cleaning of power supply cooling system.
+ Installation of application software updates.
+ Checking of hard drive for errors.
+ Scheduling of data defragmentation.

These procedures should help prevent common problems from occurring and minimise frustrating down time. All PC services include a report of the work carried out including the condition of the hardware and software systems on the machine. In order to keep your computers running as smoothly and reliably as possible we suggest that machines should be serviced regularly or in any case at least once a year.

If you would like any further information, or to book a service appointment, please call on 01963 364466.

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